chunky salsa, n. describes what is left of any person caught in a confined area when a grenade goes off. also, chunky salsa effect [GJ1]

Addendum #1: When a blast from a grenade hits a wall in Shadowrun, if the blast isn't powerful enough to destroy the wall, it will reflect off the wall and go back the way it came. Anybody caught between the grenade and the wall can be hit by the blast both coming and going, and the power of the two hits will be combined. Theoretically, if a grenade is chucked in a really small, well-built room (like a bank vault), the blast could reflect off the four walls several times and magnify the damage to several times that of the original grenade. Needless to say, there won't be much left of anyone stuck in the room with the grenade. [DL]
Addendum #2: The “chunky salsa effect” was the other name for the “deadlier over-damage” rule in Shadowrun that clarified the damage of explosives when used in great quantities. (IE. You became chunky salsa). The rule was created around halfway through the Second Edition due to the horribly complex and broken rules concerning explosives and grenades; the joke used to go that you could lock a baby in a box with a grenade in 1st Edition and the baby would survive.

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