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Warning: some entries, examples of use, and/or addendums may contain foul language. Reader discretion is advised.

This wiki is a dictionary devoted to the jargon, the peculiar phrases and words that we as gamers use, defined for the layman.

We are here to help decode the mysterious phrases and words that gamers use, to define them both for those just entering the world of gaming, or for those gamers who are left scratching their heads at a word or phrase.

Where the original Gamer Jargon website, long gone from the Internet, has faded into the dust of time, this wiki hopes to carry the torch into the future, while adding the ability for the lexicon to be edited as new phrases come into being.

This is your wiki, gamers, so use it well. Whether you are a dice-chucker, card-flopper, old wargaming salt or new MMORPG junkie, Gamer Jargon 2.0 is for all of us. However, if you plan to edit the Wiki for yourself, you must read the guidelines first.

Wondering what the weird codes at the end of most of the entries are? They're more than likely from the original Gamer Jargon website; the Credits page lists the person/people that entry is credited with contributing.

Any suggestions for the wiki, including new guidelines for editing should be directed to this e-mail address.

As noted in the credits, the original idea for the Gamer Jargon Website was created by Erik David Even. All props and credit for the original site are given to him. As gamers, we must never forget our history as we build upon the future.

If you want to delve in, search a term you've heard before and go from there. However, if you want to take a look at the index. It has links to each entry, alphabetized for easy access.

As part of the agreement with Mr. Even, the original files and the current files are licensed under Creative Commons licensing.

The Gamer Jargon 2.0 Wiki would like to dedicate this wiki and all future updates to the memories of E. Gary Gygax, 1938-2008 and Dave Arneson, 1947-2009. Thanks, guys.

Best place to start?  Check out the index.

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