**Guidelines** for Editing Gamer Jargon 2.0Edit

1. For the time being, this wiki is going to be protected; meaning that you have to apply to join the wiki. This is not meant to be a means of controlling who gets to edit, but just a way to track the editor's handles.

2. Much like the first version of Gamer Jargon, if you are an editor other than Coyote42 (the handle of the owner of GJ2.0), then please leave your handle as a signature in single brackets for any entry or Addendum made. Ex: [Coyote42]. This is in order to give proper credit to those who come up with original entries, new definitions, or new Addendums (especially if they contain personal anecdotes). Any entry without a credit signature is assumed to be that of Coyote.

3. Unless being edited for spelling, updating information, or linking purposes, the original text of each entry should be left as is. Any edits other than the three mentioned should have a clear reason in the note or the discussion page attached to the entry.

4. Additions to entries that are not new definitions or examples of use should be added as new Addendums at the end of the entry. Any Addendum should have a clear purpose linking it to the entry, such as clarification of the entry/definition, personal anecdote relating to use of the entry, or useful/trivial information relating to the entry (such as with a pop culture reference). Addendums that are added to an entry that have weak connection to the original are grounds for possible quick deletion.

5. Addendums/definitions should try to maintain neutrality about the subject as much as possible. (However, much of the original material may have the original authors' opinions as part of their text.)

6. Swearing is not banned in personal anecdotes/definition examples, but only allowed within reason. Excessive swearing on an entry/addendum is grounds for possible quick deletion.

Any suggestions for the wiki, including new guidelines for editing should be directed to this address.