kite, to, v., EverQuest-ism On EverQuest, the practice of pulling a mob while enhancing one's own speed and/or reducing that mob's speed; then running a fair distance away, casting several damaging spells at it, and running away again before the monster enters melee range. See also reverse-kiting, anti-kiting, and quad-kiting. [GJ1]

Addendum #1: The effect when viewed is much like the character leading the mob like a kite on a string; hence, the term. This practice is often looked down upon by many EQ players, as the monster may aggro on PC passersby, resulting in said passerby's death. [GJ1]
Addendum #2: Kiting allows a character to kill a mob of a higher level than s/he could normally and with low risk to him/herself. [DS]

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