paleogamer, paleogame, to paleogame, n. 1. a gamer who has been gaming since before 1985; from paleolithic ("old stone"). 2. any game, usu. from a micropress, published before 1985. 3. any game that uses a lot of D&Disms, regardless of the date of publication. 4. game supplement or milieu that is obviously designed for D&D or AD&D. 4. (mild perjorative) a game product that appears to have been published before the widespread use of desktop publishing software. [JPW]

Addendum: Today's gamers use "paleogamer" to refer to players who've been gaming since the early eighties. When I started gaming (in the late seventies), the term referred to gamers who started in the early seventies, and is still sometimes used that way. Should I be depressed that now I'm a paleogamer? (I'm only 34!) [EDE]

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