spawn, Spawn, v., n., p.n. 1. in general usage, to produce young especially in large numbers; also, the young produced; from Middle English, from Anglo-French espaundre, from Old French espandre "to spread out, expand," from Latin expandere.

2. (verb) in computer games, to use a cheat code to create something for "free" that wouldn't be there in normal game play.

3. synonymous with repop.

4. On EverQuest, a slain mob being re-generated by the computer. [GJ1]

5. (proper noun) the eponymous hero of a dark superhero comic series created by Todd McFarlane. [ME]

Addendum (definition #4): The location where certain mobs spawn is often camped by characters wanting something from the mob, either an item that it drops, or the experience, or beneficial changes in faction. This is slightly different from repop. [GJ1]

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